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Download FreedomSampler™

FreedomSampler™ contains a variety of Free Software designed to replace common proprietary applications.

The current version of FreedomSampler™ runs only within Microsoft Windows® -- however all software available on the disc is also available within the GNU/Linux platform. Once you've gotten used to an application from the FreedomSampler™ CD, there's no need to re-learn any skills when you make the move to Linux.


You can download an ISO image of FreedomSampler™ here: FreedomSampler™ Version 1.70 ISO Download

If you want the full, corresponding source code, you can download it here:  Source Code ISO


Once you have the ISO image on your system, you'll need to burn it to a CD.  Since an ISO image represents the full contents of a disc within one file, you'll need to use your CD burning software's "image burning" functionality, rather than simply coping the single file to a CD.  This can typically be found within your software's menu system as "burn disc image" or "burn CD from image," or something similar.


The official disc image contains the custom installer, which provides you with the ability to quickly install all of the programs available in an automated fashion.  It also gives you access to the full corresponding source code for all of the software.  If you'd rather just grab a single program or source code archive, you can also get them from the chart below.


FreedomSampler™ CDs are also available for purchase, and can be sent directly to your home or office.

Buy FreedomSampler™at the Twisted Lincoln, Inc.™ Online store


Below is a chart representing the various pieces of software found on the current version of FreedomSampler™  You can also download installers or source code for the individual pieces of software included in the current version.
Program Name: Version: Description: Download: Source:


Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database Installer Source Code
The GIMP™ 2.6.11 Edit and manipulate a variety of image formats Installer Source Code


WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML Editor


Source Code
Audacity® 1.2.6 Audio capture editing and manipulation Installer Source Code
Mozilla Firefox® 4.0.1 Full-featured and secure Internet browser


Source Code
Mozilla Thunderbird™ 3.1.10 Internet e-mail client and RSS reader Installer Source Code
Inkscape™ 0.48.1 Create and edit Scalable Vector Graphics Installer Source Code
Pidgin™ 2.7.11 Instant Messanger Client


Source Code
InfraRecorder™ 0.46.2 CD/DVD Disc Burning Utility Installer Source Code
OpenCodecs 0.85.17777 Codecs that allow playback of Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora & FLAC


Source Code
FileZilla™ 3.5.0 FTP Client


Source Code
PeaZip™ 3.7 File archive compressor & decompressor -- works with ZIP, TAR and more


Source Code
Dia™ 0.97.1 Diagram and Flowchart Creation


Source Code
Scribus™ 1.4.0r3 Document layout and publishing Installer Source Code
These binaries (installable software) are in development. They may not be fully stable and should be used with caution. We make no claims about them.  No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied, including the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


Remember to support the original creators of the software within FreedomSampler™ by visiting their respective Project Websites

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