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FreedomSampler™ Release Notes

Version 1.70:
Released 05-28-11:
Updated Filezilla to version 3.5.0
Updated Firefox to version 4.0.1
Updated Gimp to version 2.6.11
Updated Inkscape to version 0.48.1
Updated Opencodecs to version 0.85.17777
Relaced with Libreoffice 3.3.2
Updated Peazip to version 3.7
Updated Pidgin to version 2.7.11
Added Scribus 1.4.0
Updated Thunderbird to version 3.1.10

Version 1.60:
Released 09-18-10:
Updated Dia to version 0.97.1
Updated Filezilla to version
Updated Firefox to version 3.6.9
Updated Gimp to version 2.6.10
Updated Inkscape to version 0.48.0
Updated Kompozer to version 0.8b3
Updated to version 3.2.1
Replaced Oggcodecs with Opencodecs version 0.84.17359
Updated Peazip to version 3.2.1
Updated Pidgin to version 2.7.3
Updated Thunderbird to version 3.1.3

Version 1.50:

Released 12-21-09:

Updated Dia to version 0.97
Updated Filezilla to version
Updated Firefox to version 3.5.6
Updated Gimp to 2.6.7
Updated Inkscape to version 0.47
Updated Peazip to version 2.8.1
Updated Pidgin to version 2.6.4
Updated Kompozer to version 0.7.10
Updated Thunderbird to version 3.0
Updated to version 3.1.1

Version 1.40:
Released 01-04-09:
The full corresponding source code is now avaiable as a seperate download, rather than being within the standard ISO.
Removed ClamWin
Added Dia
Added Infrarecorder
Updated to version 3.00 -- removed odf-converter-integrator, as it is no longer needed with version 3.00
Updated Firefox to version 3.0.3
Updated Thunderbird to version
Updated Gimp to 2.6.2
Updated PeaZip to 2.3a
Updated Pidgin to 2.5.2
Updated Ogg Codecs to 0.81.15562.0 and added Xiph-QT components to the installer option

Version 1.25:
Released 04-23-08:
Updated the NSIS installer with "complete" and "custom" installation options to speed install, plus misc updates and improvements to the installer

Updated to version 2.4.0
Updated Firefox to version
Updated Inkscape to version 0.46
Updated Pidgin to version 2.4.1
Updated Clamwin to version 0.93
Updated Gimp to 2.4.5
Added Peazip
Added Filezilla
Added odf-converter-integrator to install
Changed default file types to those of Office 97/2000/XP

Version 1.21:

Released 03-18-08

Updated the NSIS installer wth the following fixes/additions:

New logo graphics added

No software is selected by default, which helps prevent accidental installs (note: future versions may have a confirmation dialog instead)

Copy source code option now only copies the source for the selected software, rather than everything on the disc

Project website links are now clickable, and launch the appropriate webpage(s) in a browser

New page added to give links to official product support

Misc updates and improvements  

Software versions remain the same as in Version 1.20

Version 1.20:

Released 03-03-08

Removed the portable Firefox menu, and replaced it with a dedicated installer created with the Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System (NSIS)

Updated Firefox to version

Updated Thunderbird to version

Updated The Gimp to version 2.4.4

Updated Pidgin to version 2.4.0

Version 1.10:

Released 11-18-07

Updated Firefox to version

Updated Thunderbird to version

Updated The Gimp to version 2.4.1

Updated to version 2.3.0

Updated Pidgin to version 2.2.2

Added ClamWin 0.91.2

Removed Sunbird (due to lack of space after adding ClamWin)

Changed version system from 1.x format to 1.xx format Standardized the source package format to .tar.bz2

Modified links to reflect new location of "Product Activation" & "DRM" definitions.

Version 1.0:

Released 06-18-07

Notes: First release

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