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FreedomSampler™ Version 1.70


FreedomSampler™ contains a variety of Free Software designed to replace common proprietary applications.

The current version of FreedomSampler™ runs only within Microsoft Windows® however all software available on the disc is also available within the GNU/Linux platform. Once you've gotten used to an application from the FreedomSampler™ CD, there's no need to re-learn any skills when you make the move to Linux.

PLEASE NOTE:  FreedomSampler™ Version 1.70 was originally released in 2011 and contains versions of the programs listed below commiserate with that timeframe.  We are hoping to release a new version with updated applications in the coming weeks.   Please check back for updates.

Below is a chart representing the various pieces of software found on the current version of FreedomSampler™
LibreOffice® Word processor, spreadsheet, presentation & database
Gimp™ Edit and manipulate a variety of image formats
KompoZer™ WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor
Audacity® Audio capture, editing, and manipulation
Mozilla Firefox® Full-featured and secure internet browser
Mozilla Thunderbird™ Internet e-mail client and RSS reader
Inkscape™ Create and edit scalable vector graphics
Pidgin™ Instant messaging client
InfraRecorder™ CD/DVD disc burning software
OpenCodecs™ Codecs for playback of Ogg Vorbis, Theora, & FLAC
FileZilla™ FTP Client
PeaZip™ File compressor/decompressor for ZIP, TAR, & more
Dia™ Diagram and flowchart creation
Scribus™ Document layout and publishing


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